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Comparing new and used artificial turf isn’t as straightforward as one might think. By its very nature, used turf is a completely unique product with its own unique feeling—and all used turf is not the same thing.

This can make used artificial turf not just a “viable” replacement for new artificial turf—it can make it preferable in many situations. Let’s take a look at some of the differences between new and used turf:

Which One Looks More Natural?

With an installation of brand new artificial turf, lots of infill (and brushing) is required to make it appear softer—more like “natural grass.”

Reclaimed artificial turf that has been used for years experiences something called fibrillation, where the turf fibers, well, “fibrillate” (split down the length of the “grass blades”) and curl. This aspect is unique to reclaimed artificial turf and gives it different qualities than new turf. These qualities especially stand out when you look at it side-by-side with new turf, which begins its life with a less natural feel and appearance overall.

When ReTURF’s turf recovery experts remove the infill from turf, the fibers are often curled from years of outdoor exposure and foot traffic. This gives the turf some cushion, as well as a softer, more blended, more natural look compared to brand new turf.

Comparing the Costs

Installing new or used artificial turf in place of grass can provide a huge return on investment for property owners by eliminating the costs of maintaining a regular grass lawn or sports field. But the similarities in cost generally stop there. Choosing ReTURF’s professionally recovered, used artificial turf can save up to 90% over an installation of new turf.

Remember the infill that gets removed? Almost all companies that sell reclaimed artificial turf leave that infill in the product when they ship it to you—resulting in higher shipping costs (and more mess you’ll need to deal with on your end). ReTURF stores it separately, greatly lowering the freight costs to get it to you. This can even further lower the total cost of your installation or DIY project.

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What about Longevity?

New artificial turf is, well, new. Pieces of used artificial turf may have minor repairs that are required, but ReTURF performs these repairs before the sale of the turf, and none of these types of repairs are noticeable from the publicly facing side of the turf. These small repairs also do not in any way degrade the quality or longevity of the product. You can be assured that our artificial turf recovery experts have graded, repaired, and treated it prior to the sale.

Most artificial turf that has been professionally recovered by ReTURF comes directly from sports fields and stadiums. This turf started its life as a product of superior quality meant for use in a professional, highly-demanding setting.

In other words, used artificial turf from ReTURF is not the same as rolled-up pieces of backyard turf you might find being sold on Facebook or Craigslist. These are expertly-reclaimed, specialized turf products, which can include multiple layers of professional-grade materials and unique qualities designed to maximize the lifespan of the product.

Unlike the cheap, builder-grade artificial grass your neighbor bought at Home Depot, our recovered artificial turf is a pro-grade product with lots of life left.

Premium or Basic?

Depending on your specific use case, one of ReTURF’s products may be better suited for your sports field or residential project:

ReTURF Premium is lightly used sports field turf or used artificial turf that includes special features such as a “thatch” or “root zone.”

ReTURF Basic is typically 10 to 12 year old sports field turf; hence it has had more exposure and foot traffic. As discussed above, the fibrillation on this type of turf is often more desirable compared to brand new turf, depending on your intended use.

Learn more about the used artificial turf products we provide here, or use the form at the bottom of this page to request a quote.

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