New Artificial Turf

We provide new artificial turf solutions for our customers and clients that meet a few demanding criteria we set in place. These are:

We found just such a manufacturing partner in Tempo Turf. We are the sole online retailer for Tempo Turf products and are proud to offer this solution for our eco-conscience customer base.

Tempo Turf is the next generation of artificial turf.

*Tempo Turf also offers recyclable new turf products! By using 100% Olefin as the sole building block, it lends itself to recyclability. While we work on a 100% recyclable new turf product line, you can shop the current recyclable products here or look for the recycle symbol in the shop!

Tempo Turf promotes drainage from your field, is manufactured in the USA, and exceeds all quality expectations that one would be looking for in an artificial turf product.

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