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Recovery, Reconditioning, and Repurposing.

Used turf isn’t merely turf that’s used…it actually has different characteristics from new turf, which can make it preferable for certain applications. When we remove the infill, the fibers often are curled from years of exposure and/or foot-traffic, giving the turf a bit of cushion and a soft ‘more natural’ look than new sportsfield turf which requires brushing and lots of infill in order to appear grass-like. Our used turf products may be installed for a variety of surfacing uses including:

  • Athletic Training, such as batting cages, crossfit floor, etc.
  • Animal play areas and kennels
  • Landscaping: yards, pool decks, patio covering, picnic spots
  • Man-caves, She-sheds, Treehouses, Forts, and Mini-Fields
  • Playgrounds
  • Truck bed liners, floor mats, garage floor covering

We offer ReTURF in a variety of forms, shown below. We patch any holes and fix or remove damaged areas.

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    ReTURF Premium

    Lightly used sports field turf or used turf with Special Features such as a ‘thatch’ or ‘root zone’

    ReTURF Basic

    Typically, 10-12 year old sports field turf. This use causes fibers to ‘fibrillate’ ( split down the length of the ‘grass blades’ ), and curl.

    Choose your ReTURF product, then choose from 3 color options, described below.

    Logo Turf

    Turf from end-zones or mid-field areas where logos were present. Logo turf is almost never an entire logo – it’s parts of a logo, so turf will have random colors and designs which were part of logos.

    Game-Marked Turf

    The ‘main’ part of an American Football Field including 5 yard lines, yard hash marks, yardline numbers and arrows, etc. These pieces are our most common available.

    All-Green Turf

    Football or Soccer Field areas of no markings ( sidelines or behind end-zones ), or Baseball outfields and foul areas.