Do It Yourself Support and Tips

Yes.  With some tips and pointers from our expert sales and support staff, many ReTURF customers successfully install their own projects.

From unloading suggestions to pro installation tips, our ReTURF Team will guide you through multi-media communications including sketches, layout assistance, FaceTime interactive meetings, and other means of communicating the preparation and installation process.

Yes.  We are experts in what we call “DIY-Hybrid” projects, where our team provides detailed equipment, tool, equipment, and task lists for DIY or Volunteer-led projects where our parent company, UDC Sports, provides a portion of the project as professional contractor services.

ReTURF’s parent company, UDC Sports, is a full-service sports surfacing and equipment construction company.  We supply and/or install protective netting, scoreboards, in-ground equipment, bleachers, natural and other synthetic play surfaces, and many other play-space amenities typical for parks and athletic facilities.

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Used Artificial Grass For Sale

When shopping for the best used artificial grass, finding a vendor that takes great care during removal, preparation, grading, repair, and storage is key. Alongside, they should offer the best price on this high-quality recycled product.

April 7th, 2021|Categories: Products For Sale|

Used Artificial Turf

The hunt for used artificial turf can lead you to many resources, information, and a little lost in the end when trying to figure out what is right for you. We will go over clarifying what

April 7th, 2021|Categories: Products For Sale|

How To Stretch Artificial Turf

Artificial turf installations may wind up wrinkled due to a few factors. This can all be solved during initial planning and installation, but it can also be solved after installation if the need arises. However, if

March 24th, 2021|Categories: Quick Facts|

Adhesive For Artificial Turf

Adhering the seams of your artificial turf project requires specially formulated glue designed for the application. Utilizing other generic types of glues can/will lead to failure at the seam after exposure to the elements or use.

March 24th, 2021|Categories: Products For Sale|

Artificial Grass For Yards

  There are a number of benefits to utilizing artificial grass in yards. Those seeking to make the transition to an artificial lawn may find themselves looking for more information before making the decision. Some of

March 19th, 2021|Categories: Quick Facts|

Recycled Artificial Grass

  Recycling artificial grass is a great step towards reducing landfill waste and repurposing a product that was replaced before its usable life had reached its limit. Most professional-grade artificial grasses can last 20 years or

March 19th, 2021|Categories: Products For Sale|

Used Sports Turf

Used sports turf is recovered artificial turf from sports fields. It is also referred to as field turf and astroturf. While used sports turf can come from a variety of manufacturers, most modern variants of this

March 12th, 2021|Categories: Products For Sale|

How Long Does Artificial Turf Last?

Artificial turf will last 10-20 years. Some make it even longer. It really depends on the quality of the turf and its use. Artificial turf soccer or football fields may see less life than artificial turf

March 12th, 2021|Categories: Quick Facts|

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