Tempo Turf G-360375 Putting Green Turf. Made in USA.

$3.58 sq. ft.

Tempo Turf G-360375 is a revolutionary Putting Green Turf that is 100% recyclable and Made in the USA.

Rolls are 15ft wide.

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Tempo Turf G-360375 is a revolutionary artificial turf for putting greens that is 100% recyclable. This artificial turf has also improved other critical areas of the artificial grass experience for both the consumer and the installer.

By using 100% Olefin as the sole building block for this product, it lends itself to recyclability.


Pile Height: .375”

Face Weight: 36 oz/sy

Primary Backing Weight: 7.6 oz/sy

Secondary Coating Weight: 28 oz/sy

Total Fabric Weight: 71 oz/sy

Tuft Bind: >8 lbs.

Grab Tear Strength: >200 lbs.

Lead Content: <50 ppm

Water Permeability: >30 in/hr

Fabric Width: 15 ft

Machine Gauge: 3/16”

Yarn Polymer: Nylon

Yarn (A needle): 4400/8 denier

Primary Backing: Dual woven polypropylene

Secondary Backing: Natural Rubber

UV Stabilized: Yes

Warranty Period: 8 yrs

Recommended Infill: 2 lbs/sf of rounded silica sand

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