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Adhering the seams of your artificial turf project requires specially formulated glue designed for the application. Utilizing other generic types of glues can/will lead to failure at the seam after exposure to the elements or use. Artificial turf adhesives are also not all the same, but there is one type that has a very good record of withstanding any and all abuse thrown at it – over the long-term.

The Best Adhesive For Artificial Turf

A company called SynLok Adhesives has been developing artificial turf adhesives for years and specializes in the seaming process of artificial turf installations. They have continually improved upon the adhesives in this product line and are considered one of the most respected in the industry. They have personally researched issues with artificial turf installation and have developed their entire product line around solving them.

These products include:

  • Turf Claw Adhesive
  • SL-1200 Seam Tape
  • Turf Claw Glue Box

The Qualities of Turf-Claw Artificial Turf Adhesive

Of course, with a company that specializes in an artificial turf adhesive product for industrial use, you will find the main quality to be superior adhesion. However, there is far more to this product development than that. SynLok has taken great care to make sure all aspects of the product are superior in every way.

Main Qualities:

  • 1 Part Moisture Cured, Designed To Adhere to Most Substrates
  • Solvent-Free
  • VOC Free
  • Minimal Foaming
  • Thixotropic (if it is too thick, it can be mixed and then poured easily)

You can see more about the qualities of this product and a video adhesion test on the product page here in the description.

Where To Buy Adhesive For Artificial Turf

The best artificial turf adhesive, Turf-Claw, is available directly through online ordering. This product can be shipped directly to your residence, commercial building, or the job site- if the job site has a shipping address.

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