Red Stripe Seam Tape

SL 1200 Red Stripe Seam Tape by Synlok Adhesives.

From Synlok:

“SL 1200 Red Stripe Seam Tape Fabric is made to outlast your turf installation project. A moisture barrier is provided to keep adhesive from bleeding thru and adhering to your base. The barrier is designed to also allow for overlapping to create high strength bonded arcs and curves. The red stripe provides a guide to help center your adhesive.”

Available Sizes:

  • 80ft Roll
  • 750ft Roll

About Artificial Turf Seam Tape

Seam tape is used as the bonding medium (along with an adhesive) to joint strips of artificial turf at its edges. The red stripe on this product allows for easy centering of the product, which in turn allows for the best adhesion with even strength distribution.

Here is the simplified process outlined:

  • All contact surfaces should clean and oil-free
  • Use a glue box for the best results. These allow flow control, even distribution, and ease of use.
  • Apply adhesive and stretch seam tape into position
  • Roll the edges of the turf into place and apply pressure
  • A weighted roller can be used at 30mins into tacking and again at 60mins into curing. Some projects can also utilize nails or staples to help hold the pieces in place.