Glue utilized for artificial turf installations is comprised of specialized one or two-part formulas. These are an extremely strong and durable form of adhesive designed to not only grab onto the fibrous backing of artificial turf, and some substrates, but also withstand exposure to the elements without failing.

The Type Of Glues Required For Artificial Turf

While there are both one and two-part formulas available for artificial turf adhesion, we rely on TurfClaw, by Synlok Adhesives, for our installations. TurfClaw is a one-part formula that is moisture-cured, two-part formulas require an additional hardener.

An important note about TurfClaw is that it is both solvent and VOC-free.

The composition of TurfClaw adhesive is based around a compound of solids. These solids react with moisture to cure and dry. In this, humidity can play a role in drying times. Drying can also be sped up by misting the adhesive with water just before setting.

This form of turf glue is spread evenly along with seam tape for seaming or used under the edges when bonding artificial turf directly to concrete. In either case, the installation requires that all surfaces be clean and oil-free, the adhesive spread evenly, set into place by pressing firmly, and then allowed to cure for 30 minutes.

At the 30 minute mark, a weighted roller is used to firmly seat the adhesive along the contact areas. This is allowed to rest for 60 minutes, and then the weighted roller is used again.

30 minutes is the point, on average, in which this artificial turf glue “tacks”. It is at the 2-3 hour mark that there is a more significant “structural grab”. But the product is not fully cured until after 24 hours have passed.

The Best Overall Options

Depending on the installation and need, both 5-gallon buckets of turf glue or 28oz repair tubes can be utilized. For very short seams, the tube may be all that is needed (pictured above). For larger or installations with heftier structural requirements, poured glue from the 5-gallon bucket will be better suited.

When used in conjunction with a glue box the process is streamlined and the glue itself is spread easily and correctly.

See in this video how turf glue is poured into the glue box, the turf seam tape is pulled through, and how the turf glue is automatically applied:


Purchase Artificial Turf Glue Online

Here at ReTurf, we sell turf glue, TurfClaw, in both 5-gallon buckets and 28oz. repair tubes. Alongside, we offer a glue box and seam tape as well. See these products below and click through for more detailed information.

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