Why Used Turf?

When considering utilizing used turf for your next project, you may be on the hunt for reasons why this may be a better option for you versus new turf. We will go through some of the primary benefits on this page, but when it comes to project uses and cost efficiency, used turf will generally be your best bet.

On the surface, used turf may seem to be something that is probably heavily abused and tattered. The reality is, major stadiums and sporting venues resurface their turf on a regular basis. This is to provide the absolute best surface for professional sporting events and meet the guidelines of those organizations that operate them. What this means for you is that, though used, this recycled turf still has many years of serviceable life left in it.

There are also some qualities of used turf that most people will find beneficial. One of these is its feel. Used turf is softer to the touch than new turf. This is due to a process called fibrillation. This is where the individual artificial grass blades split, curl, and become comfortably soft.

a wide angle picture of an indoor gym utilizing used artificial turf.


While keeping tons of artificial turf from packing our nation’s landfills is one of the most visibly environmentally sound reasons to purchase used turf, we are also removing the need for tons of water and fertilizers to maintain it. We can also add to this the absence of lawn equipment, and the fuel required to operate them, as part of a regular maintenance schedule. Combined, utilizing used turf is truly an earth-friendly decision.


When comparing the cost of used vs new artificial turf there are great variances. While the straight head to head comparison of this turf by the square foot will show great costs variances, when the turf is recycled – so is the infill. There are several needs to be met when installing any artificial turf, but when you start adding up the cost of the turf itself and the infill, you will soon realize the costs benefit of used turf & infill works pleasantly in your favor.

Benefits Of Used Turf

  • Cost Effective

  • Less Maintenance

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Extremely Versatile

  • Emulates A Natural Surface

a picture of a soccer field utilizing used turf


an aerial view of stadium turf before being recycled.


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Project Uses

The sky really is the limit when it comes to turf project ideas. This is a home friendly alternative for active backyards, pets, and events. While gyms, local sports clubs, and venue rental establishments can all find a use for this realistic, yet maintenance-free, ground covering alternative.

We see even distribution between residential and commercial utilization of our products. Creating a safe place to play at home for the kids is one of the most popular options for residential, followed closely by home training areas. In a commercial setting, we have seen everything from small arenas, gyms, batting cages, weddings, and school sportsfields re-utilize our turf with great success.