Second-Life of a Turf Field

ReUSE of an object is to remove it from one application and reposition, reinstall, or otherwise place it in a different application but for the same use, or purpose.

Examples of this with ReTURF are the ReUSE of sportsfield turf for different sports applications.  Some of our used artificial turf still has enough life left and is suitable for ReUSE as a sports surface.

The main determining factor in whether or not sportsfield turf may be ReUSEd, is the pile height, or length of the grass fibers, which in turn determines how much infill may be reinstalled to create a safe playing surface.

In some cases, when pile height does not allow for enough infill, used artificial turf may still be ReUSEd if a pad is installed beneath the turf, providing adequate levels of force reduction to compensate for the reduction in infill depth.

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