Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by ReTurf

Artificial grass can improve your mood. Find some subtle, or not so subtle ways to bring artificial grass indoors. It is common knowledge that indoor plants can bolster mental health; however, artificial grass can too. The re-creation of the great outdoors, inside offers a lift in spirits and reduces anxiety.

By replicating the lush green grass indoors feelings of negativity decrease. Here are five ideas to incorporate a peaceful, mood enhancing splash of artificial grass indoors.

  1. Create coasters. Using artificial grass, cut any shape you desire from the basic circle to your favorite state. If they need to be cleaned or washed, simply wipe them with soap and water.
  2. A natural table runner. An artificial grass table runner on the family table creates a beautiful centerscape that graces the surface plain or blooms to life with flowers arranged atop the rich green. Varying sizes of candles in glass holders would add to the luxuriant centerpiece.
  3. A feature wall. Cover a wall in artificial grass. Utilize this technique in an office or playroom, even in a foyer. In some cases, the entire wall could be covered, or a section of artificial grass in a large picture frame. For a more modern look, make a checkerboard design on the wall with artificial grass and sleek wood. Four corners is yet another design technique for a lustrous contemporary style.
  4. Stair treads. Sections of artificial turf used as stair treads brighten up a neutral stairway. The turf also provides a protective barrier against overuse. Some stairways are completely covered with artificial turf like wall to wall carpet.
  5. Toilet carpet. Place the turf around the toilet, and like magic, instant mood- boosting for any mom of boys. Honestly, the clean-up is simple, but the dramatic lush green grass as a carpet creates an instant feel-good vibe.

Decorating with artificial turf indoors will provide you with spaces of peace and serenity. Not only will the designs be easy to maintain, but long-lasting and cost effective. With a little splash of lush green grass, life can be brighter.