Last Updated on January 11, 2021 by ReTurf

Answer: A turf brush is normally a stiff bristle push broom, but there are also several relative products that perform specialized functions.

A turf brush is used to groom artificial turf blades, as well as evenly spread turf infill. The several variants of artificial turf brush products include:

  • Turf Brush Attachments For Equipment
  • Powered Turf Brooms
  • Turf Rakes

Turf Brush Attachments For Equipment

Turf Brush attachments for drop spreaders are commonplace in the process of spreading infill. The brush attachment works the freshly spread infill into the turf.

Powered Turf Brooms

A powered turf broom is a gas-powered tool, much like a weed eater, except the end is a spinning broom. Similar to the barrel type brush you may find on a street sweeper.

Turf Rakes

Turf Rakes, also called Carpet Rakes, have a similar shape to a traditional yard rake in regards to handle and head design, however, it contains short stiff plastic bristles used to loosen debris, pet hair, and dislodge trapped dirt from artificial grass.