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In an era where sustainable living is not just an option but a necessity, innovative solutions that promote environmental conservation are increasingly invaluable. The urgency of addressing environmental concerns, particularly in industries known for high material waste, calls for revolutionary approaches that not only understand but also reshape traditional practices. One such domain is the turf industry, where the concept of reusing and recycling is not just novel but transformative. This is where ReTURF makes its mark, introducing a paradigm shift in how we perceive our lawns and public spaces.

ReTURF emerges as a beacon in the sustainable turf industry, championing the ingenious idea of giving used artificial turf a second life. By harvesting high-grade artificial turf from sports fields and stadiums across the nation, ReTURF has established an environmentally responsible, economically beneficial alternative to the standard use-and-discard culture. This initiative is far-reaching, considering the tons of artificial turf that, until recently, found their destiny in landfills, contributing to environmental degradation.

The vision that ReTURF brings into reality is not just about repurposing material. It’s about instilling a mindset of resourcefulness, innovation, and respect for the environment. Through its unique business model, ReTURF provides a compelling answer to the turf industry’s long-standing waste problem, marking a significant stride toward sustainable living. The company stands as a testament to what can be achieved when environmental preservation meets innovative enterprise, offering a practical, green solution for both individuals and communities seeking eco-friendly turf options.

Unveiling ReTURF: A Green Revolution

Navigating the landscape of environmental preservation, ReTURF emerged as a trailblazer, carving out a new path in the artificial turf industry. With over two decades of grappling with a significant issue that left stakeholders perplexed — “What becomes of artificial turf once its initial purpose is served?” — the industry needed a sustainable answer. ReTURF arose from this very need, turning a critical eye on the practices of disposal and the potential that lay in the overlooked, discarded turf.

The journey of ReTURF began with recognizing the untapped potential in used artificial turf. Where most saw an end, ReTURF saw a beginning. This vision was not just about recycling; it was about reimagining. The company took on the challenge of not only reducing the environmental footprint but also enhancing the value offered to their customers. By meticulously reconditioning used turf, they presented a solution that was as high in quality as it was environmentally responsible.

The mission became clear: to intercept the cycle of waste, to give these durable materials a new lease on life, and, in doing so, propose a resolution to an industry conundrum. The substantial amount of artificial turf that once crowded landfills is now finding new homes and purposes, thanks to ReTURF’s innovative approach. The company’s commitment transcends mere repurposing; it is restructuring industry norms by setting a precedent that champions ecological mindfulness.

Through its endeavors, ReTURF isn’t just offering a product but leading a green revolution in the turf industry, demonstrating what it means to be truly sustainable in a world seeking responsible solutions.

Why Choose ReTURF? The Distinctive Benefits

In a marketplace replete with options, discerning consumers often base their choices on a balance of economic and ecological benefits. ReTURF distinguishes itself on both fronts, offering compelling reasons for customers to gravitate towards their unique product offerings.

Firstly, the financial implications of choosing used artificial turf over new are immediately apparent. Customers find that ReTURF’s products provide significant cost savings, an advantage that is especially striking given the high expenses typically associated with landscaping and field surfacing materials. By making used turf accessible at a fraction of the cost of new variants, ReTURF effectively broadens the consumer base, allowing budget-conscious individuals and organizations to access quality surfacing solutions without financial strain.

Beyond the pocketbook, ReTURF’s approach resonates deeply with contemporary environmental sensibilities. The company’s practices dramatically reduce waste, diverting substantial amounts of durable materials from landfills. This is not merely a theoretical benefit but a tangible contribution to combating the critical issue of waste management that challenges modern society. By reconditioning and repurposing artificial turf, ReTURF underscores its commitment to sustainable business practices, contributing meaningfully to a reduction in environmental degradation.

Moreover, used turf brings with it unique aesthetic and functional traits. Over time, artificial turf, particularly from sports fields, acquires a certain authenticity in its appearance, emulating natural grass in ways that brand-new turf cannot. This aspect, coupled with the softening of the fibers through initial usage, enhances comfort underfoot. Functionally, used turf from ReTURF maintains high standards of durability and performance, matching, and sometimes even surpassing, the expectations typically reserved for new products.

In essence, opting for ReTURF is not just a purchase; it’s an informed decision that supports financial savings, environmental consciousness, and a preference for authentic, tried-and-tested quality.

Exploring the ReTURF Product Range

Navigating through ReTURF’s product portfolio reveals a thoughtfully curated range of turf options, each designed to meet various customer needs and applications. The company’s dedication to quality and choice is evident in its distinct categories of turf: Basic, Premium, Remnant, and New.

Starting with the ‘Basic’ turf, customers encounter a product typically sourced from 10-12 year-old sports fields. Despite its age, this turf retains significant durability and performance characteristics, making it an ideal, budget-friendly option for landscaping projects or training areas where high-level aesthetics are not a primary concern.

The ‘Premium’ category is a notch above, featuring lightly used turf that may come with special features like a ‘thatch’ or ‘root zone’. These turfs, often reclaimed from elite sports arenas, boast superior quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. They are particularly suited for clients seeking top-tier, near-pristine turf at a fraction of the cost of new material.

Remnant turf represents a unique segment of the product line, consisting of brand-new, leftover pieces from larger installations. Available in various sizes and colors, these pieces are perfect for smaller, creative applications, offering the freshness of new turf with remarkable cost efficiency.

Lastly, the ‘New’ turf category showcases products meeting stringent criteria for top quality and environmental friendliness. As the sole online retailer for Tempo Turf products, ReTURF takes pride in offering these advanced solutions, known for their high performance and recyclability.

Adding to the diversity of its product range, ReTURF breaks the traditional mold by offering custom sizes tailored to individual project requirements. This flexibility, combined with their direct-to-consumer sales model, ensures customers receive precisely what they need without the usual retail constraints.

By exploring ReTURF’s product range, customers are not just purchasing turf; they are selecting a solution that balances quality, cost, and environmental responsibility, personalized to their specific requirements.

The ReTURF Process: Recovery, Reconditioning, and Repurposing

The cornerstone of ReTURF’s operation lies in its meticulous process of recovering, reconditioning, and repurposing artificial turf, ensuring that what was once deemed disposable is transformed into a valuable resource. This cycle stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and consumer satisfaction.

The recovery phase initiates with the careful removal of used turf from sports fields and stadiums nationwide. This stage is crucial, as preserving the integrity of the turf during extraction is fundamental to its reuse. The process is conducted with precision, avoiding any practices that might compromise the turf’s structure or functional viability.

Once recovered, the turf undergoes a comprehensive reconditioning process. This stage involves thorough cleaning and inspection, removing any debris, and addressing any signs of wear. Each roll is scrutinized for quality, ensuring only turf that meets ReTURF’s stringent standards progresses to the next phase. This attention to detail reinforces the company’s dedication to delivering a product that, while used, maintains a standard of excellence akin to new material.

The final step, repurposing, sees the reconditioned turf tailored to meet diverse consumer needs. At this point, the turf is cut to customer-specific dimensions, catering to a broad spectrum of applications from residential landscaping to commercial venues. The turf’s versatility is showcased through its adaptability, finding new life in spaces far removed from its original athletic roots.

Integral to this entire process is ReTURF’s unwavering commitment to quality assurance. By enforcing rigorous checks at each phase, the company guarantees the safety and integrity of its products. This systematic approach not only assures customers of the reliability of ReTURF’s offerings but also fortifies the brand’s position as a trustworthy steward of sustainable and consumer-friendly practices.

Revolutionizing Spaces: The Art of Returfing with ReTURF

When it comes to revitalizing spaces, “returfing” isn’t just a process; it’s a commitment to eco-efficiency, quality, and innovation. This practice involves the strategic removal of old, worn-out turf and its replacement with superior, repurposed turf from ReTURF’s extensive collection. The concept is simple yet revolutionary, advocating for sustainable use of resources while ensuring no compromise on quality or aesthetics.

Returfing comes into play in various scenarios. Sports facilities, often the first adopters, find this option remarkably beneficial. Instead of investing in brand-new materials, they have the opportunity to upgrade their fields and courts with turf that has been proven to maintain high performance standards, all while contributing to environmental sustainability.

Residential properties also stand to gain from returfing. Homeowners looking to refurbish their lawns or backyard areas can opt for ReTURF’s premium reused turf, which promises the lushness and durability of new brands at a fraction of the cost. This approach not only enhances the visual appeal but also speaks volumes about the owner’s environmental consciousness.

Commercial entities, particularly those hosting events or exhibitions, can utilize returfing to transform their venues. By opting for ReTURF’s products, they ensure a fresh, unique look for their space, creating an inviting ambiance for attendees and participants.

The process of returfing, especially with ReTURF, reflects a deeper understanding of sustainable living. It’s about making informed choices that reduce waste, encourage recycling, and preserve the environment, all without sacrificing the quality or function of the spaces we value. In this light, returfing is more than just refurbishment; it’s a statement about the future we aspire to create.

The ReTURF Difference: Expert Guidance and Support

ReTURF stands apart not just for its innovative products, but also for its comprehensive customer support, rooted in deep professional expertise and affiliation with UDC Sports. This relationship fortifies ReTURF’s operations, infusing them with profound industry knowledge and technical acumen.

Customers embarking on DIY turf installation projects receive an unparalleled level of support from ReTURF. The company’s representatives, equipped with practical installer insights, guide DIY enthusiasts from the planning phase through to project completion. This guidance includes advice on product selection, surface preparation, turf installation, and maintenance techniques, ensuring customers feel confident and supported throughout the process.

Further enhancing its customer service, ReTURF offers detailed online resources, providing clients with immediate access to essential installation guidance and product care information. This commitment to customer empowerment is evident in the company’s readiness to engage directly with clients, answering queries, and providing personalized advice.

The expert guidance does not end post-purchase. ReTURF remains a steadfast resource for customers, willing to assist with post-installation queries or concerns. This ongoing support underscores the company’s dedication to not just selling turf, but ensuring a positive, successful turf experience for each customer. The fusion of quality products, industry expertise, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction solidifies the ReTURF difference.

How to Get Started with ReTURF

Embarking on your journey with ReTURF is a straightforward process, designed with customer convenience in mind. From the initial stages of product selection to the final phases of installation, ReTURF guides you through each step, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience.

First, explore ReTURF’s diverse product offerings. Whether you’re seeking basic, premium, remnant, or new turf, detailed descriptions and expert consultations are available to help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and budget considerations.

Once you’ve identified the appropriate turf, obtaining a free quote is the next step. By simply providing details about your project, including dimensions and the preferred type of turf, ReTURF can generate a comprehensive quote, giving you a clear idea of the cost implications before you commit.

For those who require additional guidance, consultations are readily available. These sessions provide an opportunity to discuss your project in-depth, ensuring all aspects, from surface preparation to turf maintenance, are covered.

Looking Ahead: ReTURF’s Commitment to Sustainability

ReTURF’s vision extends beyond current successes, looking towards a future where sustainability is at the forefront of product development. Their ongoing endeavors focus on continuous improvement of their eco-friendly turf solutions, reducing environmental impact while maintaining product excellence.

Innovation is a constant in ReTURF’s journey, with plans for partnerships that will enhance environmental conservation efforts. These collaborations will further research and development, potentially introducing breakthrough products that continue to balance consumer needs with ecological responsibility.


ReTURF stands as a paradigm of how businesses can contribute to a more sustainable world. Their approach to repurposing artificial turf is a reflection of a deeper commitment to environmental stewardship, offering customers not just a product, but participation in a larger, impactful eco-friendly initiative.

Their journey reflects a harmonious blend of economic sensibility and environmental responsibility, providing cost-effective solutions without compromising our planet’s welfare. As we look to the future, the role of companies like ReTURF becomes ever more vital. They are not just service providers; they are influencers shaping consumer choices towards more eco-conscious decisions in turf selection, contributing significantly to a greener, more sustainable planet.

Are you ready to be part of this green revolution in turf management? Contact ReTURF today to start your journey towards an environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective turf solution. Your choice makes a difference!